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MyFi Studio: NFT Collection of the Week

October 13, 2022

MyFi (Mycelium Fidelity Network) is a multimedia web3 studio and a collection

Dr. Josh Eisenberg + Aimee Rubensteen (MA) co-founded MyFi Studio

Josh focuses on music, programming, and AI. Aimee produces the analog glitch video art and curatorial projects. We work in all the spaces surrounding virtual worlds, fine art institutions, music festivals, and immersive multi-sensory installations. We produce our own experiences/work, and curate the work of others.

MyFi is about a mycelium network sending you messages

The NFT collection is exploring the mechanics and medium of the blockchain with 106 hours of analog glitch video art and combinatorially arranged music. MyFi was entirely created by Josh and Aimee. Here is one of the performances from the collection called in the tank. The work is available as NFTs. Each piece is a 36 second loop split out of the longer performances. Owners of the NFTs have full commercial rights to the media in their pieces.



Aimee Rubensteen is a Miami-based curator, artist, and art editor

Aimee explores art as a platform for building community and interdisciplinary dialogues in physical and virtual spaces. For the past decade, Aimee curated multi-sensory exhibitions across the US including spices, food, soap, sound, butterflies, plants, dirt, and video games. Aimee's curatorial and editorial practice expands across museums, galleries, auction houses, and the internet. Currently, Aimee is the co-founder of MyFi Studio with her partner Josh Eisenberg. MyFi recently launched an NFT collection of 100+ hours of combinatorial music and analog glitch art. Aimee was the Keynote Speaker for the University of Wisconsin-Madison 2022 Conney Conference on Jewish Arts. In 2018, she was appointed as the first Florida-based Acquisitions Curator for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. She acquired hundreds of artifacts for the national archive in Washington, D.C., and she was interviewed for multiple national publications including NPR radio. In 2016, Aimee co-founded Rojas + Rubensteen Projects, an art gallery/project space in Miami. She also worked at Sotheby's and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. She is the founding Art Editor of PROTOCOLS journal, which recently launched its 10th issue online. Aimee earned her master’s degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, which is consistently ranked as the world’s top Art History program.

Dr. Josh Eisenberg is a scientist, engineer, and musician.

He holds a PhD in computer science from Florida International University. His research is on artificial intelligence. Specifically, teaching computers how to understand and generate stories. In 2019, after Josh’s PhD, he began working at Artie. He is currently the Director of Artie’s NFT and AI Lab. He led Artie through their NFT launch, which took in ~$3 million. In 2021, Josh created MyFi Studio with his partner Aimee Rubensteen. He produced and performed all the music for their first NFT collection, which is 106 hours of analog glitch video art paired with combinatorially arranged audio. Additionally, he built all the audio and video processing code for their collection, and programmed their smart contract.

How MyFi uses AI

The MyFi collection uses AI differently than most "AI Art" you see today. Everything you see was recorded by hand, and then glitched in real time by Cookietree. Each layer of audio was recorded by Dr. Slurp in his studio. We used AI to arrange what audio layers are in each 36 second slice of the longer performances. The AI uses information about what audio layers were in the previous slice, and decides to carry over at least one layer to the next piece. This helps the longer performances have a sense of progression, and naturalness. There are other techniques used, but we don't want to give away too much of the mystery behind the process. We call this "combinatorially arranged audio".

An early influence for MyFi's audio was the Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult collection. When I saw this collection, I thought: why doesn't anybody do this for music? In Forgotten Runes, each NFT is a wizard, with a different head, body, item, familiar, rune, etc. I was inspired to apply this combinatorial generation process to making a collection of video art NFTs.

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